Lockdown Olympics

In these unprecedented times, being at home as a Family, home schooling and looking after toddlers, or all together! we all need some light relief to get us through and also to keep the Family smiling.

Therefore, I came up with a plan to try and keep some friends and their Families active and engaged, whilst allowing us all to let off some steam and laugh at each other whilst staying safe.

So, I came up with The Lockdown Olympics!

Lockdown Olympics

Each day, I set a challenge to the other 4 Families via WhatsApp. This Challenge is to be completed and video evidence sent in before 7pm each evening and is designed to include the whole Family.

We have completed a couple of days now, but a few people I have mentioned this to, wanted me to post how we are going on and more importantly the Challenges so they too can get their friends involved.

So! Challenge 1!

The Ball Bucket Challenge

For this challenge you will need the following:

  • as many tennis balls (or similar) as you can. (you only really need one, but the more you have the more you should score!)
  • A bucket / bin with a circumference of no more than 1.5 feet
  • Your competitors!
  1. Place the bin, four adult paces away from a set point
  2. Set a timer for 2 minutes
  3. Simply take it in turns to throw as many balls into the bucket as possible

After 2 minutes, you simply take the amount of balls you have got in the basket and that is your score. Bounce outs do not count! so if a ball goes in and pops out, or a bucket falls over spilling the ball, these do not count!

Get each playing Family to film their effort, send them in before 7pm that evening and award points for the most balls in the bucket! We award 5 points for the winning Family, 4 for second and so on down to 1 point.

So far this has caused much hilarity amongst the participating Families and is a very welcome few minutes way from everything that is going on.

If you do take part, we would love to hear from you, so please don't hesitate to contact me on tom@barringtonayre.co.uk 


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