Autumn Jackets - Dormeuil - Naturals Attitude

Dormeuil Naturals Attitude summer jackets from Barrington Ayre Tailors
Continuing on with our look at summer jackets, in this article we will be looking at Dormeuil.

In 1842, Jules Dormeuil was just 22 years old when he decided to import the finest English cloth to France. Soon joined by his brothers, August and Alfred, the 3 worked together to grow the company, and established premises in both Paris and London.

In just a few decades, Dormeuil had earned itself a reputation for selecting the most beautiful raw materials, our world could offer. The cutting-edge and innovative techniques, especially in the finishing, ensured Dormeuil a worldwide renown.

For 180 years now, Dormeuil combined the family heritage with the latest technologies to anticipate the demands of the times. Working closely with the major fashion industry names, the House of Dormeuil has continued to develop its sophisticated and innovative collections.

Dormeuil bespoke jacket from Barrington Ayre Tailors

The Natural Attitude Bunch

A 10-12oz range, is perfect for Autumn, with it's slightly inclement weather and long evenings.

A rich inspiring range, made up of wools, cashmere / wool mixes and some cottons, this bunch makes stunning jackets.

Super soft, and with an added bit of elastane, these fabrics are soft, crease resilient and incredibly stylish.

Jackets from this range are £1125

(a surcharge will be added for chest sizes 48" and larger, as well as some of the hand printed linings)

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