Bespoke Tailors in Southampton

Tailors in Southampton

There’s such a lot of planning involved in putting on a big celebration, such as a wedding or a birthday, that anything you can do to lessen the pressure on yourself is a welcome change. From the food and the venue to the guest list and the seating arrangements, it can all get too much, so why make it hard for yourself and take on the outfits as well? Getting everyone to the right place at the right time for measurements, collecting them via email or trying to guess your uncle’s suit size is just a lot of extra work, so why not let Barrington Ayre do it for you? By booking our home tailoring service, we can cut out the stress and bring the tailor to you instead.

Home Tailoring in Southampton

Whether you’re strolling by the docks, taking in some sea air on a beach walk or shopping in the city itself, there are lots of opportunities to show off a new wardrobe in Southampton. But, we understand it’s not always possible to travel as far as our Cirencester home in the heart of the Cotswolds to see us. Whether you’re less mobile than before, or if you just don’t have time to make the trip, we can help you out by bringing all of our excellent tailoring services directly to you. Whether you’re trying to wrangle a gaggle of groomsmen together to get their suits fitted, or whether you’re trying to get your hunting party into their snazzy new hunting attire, it’s the easiest and most convenient way to have your group kitted out without leaving the comfort of your house.

But apart from the change in location, what’s the difference between our in-home and our showroom service? The answer is absolutely nothing! You’ll still have access to our full range of designs and patterns, as well as all of the fabrics and colours that we have in our showroom, and you’ll still be able to chat and consult with our expert tailoring team who can provide advice and help along the way. All that changes is that you’ll be able to carry out the whole process from your living room, removing a huge amount of the stress and fuss.

High Quality British Tailoring Brought To You

Once we have your measurements and you’ve made your choices, it’s off to our tailoring team in Yorkshire to make your dreams a reality. They’re experts in their fields with many years of experience in creating high quality British tailoring that stands the test of time, from traditional styles to contemporary fashion, as well as fusion pieces that blend the two. They can create exactly the kind of small, personal details that turn a good garment into a truly great one, and that will have you feeling that same amazing bespoke clothing sensation that got us into fashion in the first place.

If you’re in Southampton and the surrounding area, including Portsmouth, Bournemouth, Chichester, Eastleigh, Salisbury and Ringwood, then give Barrington Ayre a call to get the best of British tailoring brought to you.