'Earth' 100% Natural Full Canvas 3 piece

'Earth' 100% Natural Full Canvas 3 piece

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With the plight of our Planet & our battle against plastics being at the forefront of environmental campaigning, we at Barrington Ayre have been working hard to provide our customers with as much plastic free, natural products as possible.

Therefore, we are absolutely delighted to announce our new 100% Natural bespoke product.

Over the last 18 months our producers have been working incredibly hard to go back to Nature & make sure that all of our bespoke suits, jackets & trousers use nothing but 100% natural, bio degradable fibres.

After lots of research & development, down to changing our machinery to accommodate pure cotton and silk thread, we are now able to provide a 100% Natural product.

Not only is this product natural, we also use a full floating canvas to provide an even better, natural fit.