THE 'NIX' JACKET - The perfect all purpose jacket?

SPECIAL 25% OFF offer range

SPECIAL 25% OFF offer range

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Due to Lockdown, a number of fabric mills have an excess of fabric left over this season.

They prepare for future seasons many many months in advance, so with Lockdown preventing sales for a number of months, they have fabric left that they need to sell to make space for the new seasons fabrics in the warehouse.

Therefore, one of the mills we use has put together a bunch of their remaining fabrics at a ridiculously good price, allowing us to provide our beautiful bespoke clothing at some outrageous prices!

The fabrics are all of the highest quality and come in a good selection of designs, perfect for suits, jackets and trousers.


There isn't that much of this fabric available, and as I'm sure you realise at this price, they are going very quickly.

Use the dropdown box above to see the prices per item and then either purchase your clothing online (we will reserve the fabric for you) or book in for an appointment at our Cirencester Showroom.

Prices include fittings, VAT, and lining. Some printed linings will incure an extra cost. Chest sizes over 48" and trouser waist sizes over 48" will incur an surcharge.