It's all about the Flannel

With the cooler months upon us, & a less formal approach to dressing being taken in many offices across the Country, we are constantly being asked for advice & ideas on a less formal suit fabric but one that still looks smart & conveys the right image.

When I have these discussions I always suggest Flannel!

Some people have a slight fear of flannel, probably harking back to school days, but flannel is one of the most useful and versatile fabrics around.

A flannel fabric is usually defined by its milling process, where it is battered about a bit to break up the fibres and therefore giving it it's 'fuzzy / wooly' appearance. This appearance is one of the many joys of flannel.

I always feel that it is a very English look, where you would like to be tucked up on a big chair in front of a roaring fire but it is far more than that.

Flannel is incredibly soft, so if you are someone who likes a soft feel of clothing then this is a great fabric to look at. Due to the looser feel of the weave it is incredibly breathable yet lovely and warm. I have read that in the 1920's it was a very popular fabric for warmer weather but now a days we see it as a more cold weather choice.

The joy of flannel is that the designs on the whole are classic. Greys, blues and the occasional blacks in plains, with some lovely subtle chalk stripes but also incredibly classic Prince of Wales checks, dogtooth and the odd birdseye. They are never too shouty so will never go out of fashion, and due to this classic palette, you can mix and match your clothing for separates.

I personally have a broad collection of flannel trousers that I wear most days, and I mix and match my flannel jackets for smart workwear as well as with jeans and more casual clothing for suppers and pub visits.

We have seen a huge growth in people looking for a smart / casual jacket that they can wear to the office or to a meeting if they are not a suit person or industry, but also something that they can wear to school drinks, drinks parties, dinner parties and also as a jacket that they can simply throw on in everyday wear. The fabric that is most popular when this is the remit? yes, you've guessed it. It's flannel.

Cary Grant was a fan of the flannel suit and jacket.

The Prince of Wales was a great fan of flannel and the picture below is one of the most iconic of the 20th Century, and is Winston Churchill in his flannel suit.

One of the most famous names in the production of Flannel is the fellow West Country company, Fox Brothers. They have been making flannel for nearly 300 years and their fabrics can be seen across the World.

I have to say their flannels are stunning. We use them a lot and probably most famously for our Made in England cricket trousers. We are one of the last tailors left who actually produce their flannel cricket trousers, made from the finest English made flannel right here in England. 

However, it is not just their white flannel that is stunning. 

A personal favourite of mine is a grey glen check. It's perfect to wear with jeans but can equally be dressed up to be worn in more formal occasions and works brilliantly for work too.

So in conclusion, flannel is a must for all wardrobes, whether it is just a pair of two of trousers, or a jacket or a full suit, you will never tire of it and it will never go out of fashion.

If you fancy popping in to have a look at our Flannel bunches and having a chat about things further, please do let feel free to book in or do give me a call.

During February 2019 we are running a special offer on Flannel, so please contact us to book in for your personal appointment.


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