Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions control & protect your use of our website. They also give you a clear understanding of our terms and conditions when using our face to face service. If you have any queries about them, please email info@barringtonayre.co.uk or call +44 (0)1285 689431

By accepting an order from Barrington Ayre you have agreed to comply with all Terms & Conditions. An order is accepted & confirmed either by issuing payment in full or a deposit or via an email or phone call.
By ordering from Barrington Ayre Shirtmaker & Tailor either via our website or in person you are accepting our terms and conditions 

'We/Us/Our/Ours' refers to Barrington Ayre Shirtmaker & Tailor Ltd. 11-17 Market Place, Cirencester, Gloucestershire, GL7 2PB
'Goods' means the products that Barrington Ayre have offered or agreed to supply to our purchaser in accordance with the terms of this agreement

Use of Website
This website is owned, controlled or licensed by Barrington Ayre Shirtmaker & Tailor Ltd. Reproduction of part or all of the contents in any form is prohibited other than with our written permission.
In particular, no part of our website may be distributed or copied for any commercial purpose, or incorporated in any other work or publication, whether in hard copy or electronic or any other form.
No part of our website may be reproduced or transmitted or stored in any other website or other form of electronic retrieval system.
We reserve the right to withdraw our website, any information contained therein, and any goods offered for sale at any time.
If you access our website from outside the UK you are responsible for compliance with local laws where they are applicable.

We will not be liable for any claims, damages and costs, including legal fees, arising out of any misuse of this website by you or any user of your computer equipment, whether authorised by you or not, or any misuse of the website or your Barrington Ayre account information by any other user Accuracy of Content.

Accuracy of Content
The colours of the fabrics on your monitor may differ to the actual colour of the fabric however this is beyond our control. All prices and content as well as the description of the products are checked regularly and our processes are designed to keep these contents correct. For any item of clothing that is either bespoke or made to order the pictures on the site are a representation of the product and due to personal body shape, measurements and design may differ to the item that you receive.

Price and Payment
The price you pay for goods is as shown on our website at the time of order and includes VAT where applicable. Barrington Ayre is VAT registered number 914 610 743. However, orders will only be accepted providing there is no major error in the prices or descriptions shown.
Postage and packaging (P&P) charges will always be confirmed before you finalise your order.
Payment may be made in pounds Sterling (£) using; Cheque made payable to Barrington Ayre, by Bank Transfer or via credit card. An additional fee of 3% may be charged to all credit card payments taken over the phone or credit card machine.  All UK and EU orders include VAT and our VAT number is 914 610 743. Prices will be confirmed before the order is processed and payment must be received in full before any orders are processed. 
We reserve the right to review and make changes to the prices listed on our website at any time.
All clothing remains the property of Barrington Ayre Shirtmaker & Tailor until the full balance of your account is paid.  

Face to Face ordering through our Visiting Tailoring Service or from our Showroom:
Once your measurements have been taken and a fabric, design and any personalisation has been decided upon you have 24 hours to cancel your order via email or in writing. If no cancellation has been made during this period this is then taken as a confirmed order and your order will be processed & handed to the manufacturers. 
Due to the bespoke nature of each item of clothing we cannot accept cancellations after an order has been placed with our manufacturers.

All bespoke and made to order clothing offered online with a photograph is shown as a representation of the clothing that can be ordered. Due to the nature of bespoke and made to order clothing all areas of the item can be changed by the customer so Barrington Ayre can only depict a representation of the clothing and the customer must understand this when ordering.

All clothing remains the property of Barrington Ayre Shirtmaker & Tailor Ltd until full payment is paid. If for any reason full payment is not made or there is an outstanding balance which Barrington Ayre have to chase or pass on to the Courts or a debt recovery company, all costs incurred in the production of the clothing, any travel incurred and all legal costs will be added to the balance even if these were not added on the original invoice. Petrol costs will be added at 50p per mile.

All deposits are non refundable and if an order is cancelled costs incurred will be removed from any deposit that may be refunded. The non refundable deposit represents all work, costs incurred and time taken by Barrington Ayre Shirtmaker & Tailor.

Refunding a deposit in this way is entirely down to the discretion of Barrington Ayre Shirtmaker & Tailor Ltd.

Online Ordering: 
Process of Order (Shirts)
After interest has been made with Barrington Ayre either a personalised email will be sent with a personalised order form attached, when this order form is returned completed with a confirmation of order the order will not be processed until full payment is received by methods available, or by using the forms and selection boxes on the website.

Process of Order (Suits & other clothing)
For suits ordered using the online service, the process will follow that of Process of Order (Shirts). Process of Order for the visiting suit tailoring service will involve an appointment to discuss the suit design, fabric and extras and this will then be followed with the clients measurements being taken by the visiting tailor. On agreement of design and fabric choice the client will be given 24 hours to contact Barrington Ayre with any changes or cancellation of order. The order will then be processed and sent for manufacturing. This now consists an order and a deposit will be asked for. After manufacture another appointment will be made where any alterations will be arranged (please see alterations terms and conditions below). Once all alterations are complete the balance of the order will be paid.
Barrington Ayre will complete all reasonable alterations to provide a well fitted garment, but hold the right to refuse alterations if they consider the garment to fit appropriately.

If a customer has changed shape or weight, where the original measurements taken have changed, that results in extra charges for any finishing, these costs will be passed on to the customer.

If a customer cancels an order before any alterations needed are carried out Barrington Ayre Shirtmaker & Tailor will not refund any monies taken.

It is down to the discretion of the tailor dealing with the customer as to refund any money if the order is cancelled before all alterations are completed. The usual discretionary amount is the deposit minus any visiting tailoring fees & expenses incured and minus and postage fees that have been made.

Barrington Ayre cannot accept any responsibility for incorrect measurements taken by the customer if they are provising their own measurements.

Customers providing their own measurements through the Barrington Ayre website will be entirely liable for all alteration costs.

Any orders placed online that are either bespoke or made to order and not held in stock will usually take between 6-8 weeks to make. Barrington Ayre cannot be held responsible for matters out side of our control, e.g. out of stock fabric, late delivery of fabric, if delivery is made outside of these timings. Time is not the essence of any order.

Customers ordering using measurements taken by a Barrington Ayre tailor will not incur any alteration costs, unless the alteration is directly related to a change in shape, size or measurements or a change in design requirement from the Customer once the garment has been produced. The measurements taken by a Barrington Ayre tailor must not be changed without confirmation from Barrington Ayre, otherwise the Customer will be liable for any associated alteration costs.

If a customer puts on weight, or changes shape that results in their measurements changing from the initial appointment, there will be an extra charge to cover any extra work that is needed.

Offer To Purchase
If an order is placed directly online using our website and payment has been made at the end of this process, this constitutes an acceptance of an order and our terms and conditions.

Cancellation of Order (shirts)
You may cancel an order providing the order has not been accepted by our manufacturers, by contacting Customer Services by email at info@barringtonayre.co.uk  or by calling +44 (0)1285 689431 To do this, you will need the order number and full details of the items to be cancelled.
We will confirm cancellation as soon as we can.

After the garment(s) has gone into production no cancellation can be offered.

Cancellation of Order (suits/bespoke clothing)
If a face to face appointment is booked, you may cancel an order during the 24 hours after the initial appointment and there after providing the order has not been accepted by our manufacturers, by contacting Customer Services by email at info@barringtonayre.co.uk  or by calling +44 (0)1285 689431 To do this, you will need the order number and full details of the items to be cancelled.
We will confirm cancellation as soon as we can. A full refund of any payments made will then be made.
After the garment(s) have gone into production a cancellation cannot be offered.

If the client is not happy with the fit of the suit or clothing at the first fitting, all alterations will be carried out by Barrington Ayre as per the Alterations terms and conditions.


At any fitting stage, if a customer has changed shape, i.e. they have added weight or their measurements have changed requiring extra work to accommodate these changes, the customer will be liable for any costs that are incurred.

If an item of clothing is returned to Barrington Ayre after the initial 3 month 'wearing in' period, which needs altering due to a change in shape, the customer will again be eligible for this costs as per if we were altering a garment that was not made by us.

Time is not the essence of any order in any bespoke item unless a specific date has been identified for completion.

Returns (shirts)
A full refund or exchange of goods will only be provided if a measurement mistake has been made by Barrington Ayre Shirtmaker & Tailor Ltd. If after an order form is received and any queries have been confirmed with the client this will be taken as a confirmation of measurements and the garment will be made to these measurements.
Barrington Ayre Shirtmaker & Tailor Ltd does not accept any responsibilty for any incorrect measurements made by the customer. If an order form arrives with suspicious or out of the ordinary measurements an email will be sent to the customer outlining these concerns and the order will not be processed until a confirmation email has been received from the customer. Any order that is confirmed by the customer will be taken as being correct measurements by Barrington Ayre Shirtmaker & Tailor Ltd and will be processed accordingly.
Returns (suits)
A full refund will only be provided during the first 36 hours after a garment order has been placed if the order is cancelled in line with the Cancellation terms and conditions. If a garment needs any alterations after the first fitting then Barrington Ayre will carry out these alterations at no cost to the customer in accordance to the Alteration terms and conditions.
If a client is unhappy with a garment(s) that has been deemed to fit appropriately by Barrington Ayre and has had appropriate alterations carried out, a client may be offered a refund minus any shipping costs, alteration costs and any other costs incurred in the alterations of the said garment(s) at the discretion of the Barrington Ayre Management. At this point a proof of purchase must be presented.

Returns of items bought through the website

Any items ordered online and returned to Barrington Ayre Shirtmaker & Tailor Ltd will be viewed and taken as cancellation of order and dealt with in accordance with our terms and conditions.

Only items that are not made to order or bespoke may be returned for a full refund. If measurements provided whilst ordering online are incorrect, Barrington Ayre Shirtmaker & Tailor Ltd will try and alter these measurements if possible at cost to the buyer. Any item ordered which is made to order or bespoke that is returned and purchased online using the website is not eligible for any refund.

Barrington Ayre Shirtmaker & Tailor Ltd cannot accept any liability for any item bought online or over the phone for a specified date as there is no provision for this available. Barrington Ayre Shirtmaker & Tailor Ltd never guarantee any delivery with made to order or bespoke clothing due to the nature of the manufacturing process.

Title of goods remain with Barrington Ayre Shirtmaker & Tailor Ltd. until full payment is received. 
Title of goods will pass to you at the point we charge the full amount to your payment card or, when other payment methods are used, funds are credited to our account.
Under the distance selling regulations you have the legal right to cancel your online order up to 7 working days from the day after receipt of the goods unless it is not a bespoke item.

Delivery Dates
All delivery dates quoted are given in good faith. We do not accept any liability which may result from the late delivery of goods.
For an item that is held in stock, the garment will be delivered within 7 working days of receiving the order. If an item is not held in stock please allow up to 14 weeks for delivery. This will be due to the item being made especially for you by our tailors.
We cannot guarantee any delivery times for any suits or clothing due to the nature of the manufacturing of these items.

a) Any specified dates or timescales shall be estimates only and time shall not be of the essence of the order or made of the essence by notice. Barrington Ayre Shirtmaker & Tailor Ltd shall have no liability for any losses, costs, damages, charges, or expenses (whether direct, indirect, or consequential) caused directly or indirectly by any delay, nor will any delay entitle the Buyer to terminate or rescind the Contract. 

b) The Buyer shall inspect all Goods on delivery and shall have no claim in respect of any defect apparent on inspection unless the Buyer notifies the Supplier in writing giving details of such defect within 7 working days of delivery. 

c) If any measurements are deemed to be incorrect then The Buyer must inform Barrington Ayre Shirtmaker & Tailor Ltd within 7 days of delivery by writing. The item must then be returned to Barrington Ayre Shirtmaker & Tailor Ltd and if the measurements are deemed to have been made incorrectly by our tailors, Barrington Ayre Shirtmaker & Tailor Ltd will make any amendements neccessary at no cost to The Buyer. 

With all made to measure & bespoke garments time is not the essence of order and Barrington Ayre will not be held responsible for items being delivered later then the clients expectations.

If a garment needs any alterations then delivery dates may take longer than initially quoted and Barrington Ayre takes no responsibility for these delivery times.

If an item takes over 12 months after the order date to complete, unless the client is unavailable for periods of time, or has changed design, fabric or lining at anytime during this period, or has been in for fittings and/or alterations, the client may be eligible for compensation but this is entirely at the discretion of the Barrington Ayre Managment.

We confirm that in relation to any goods purchased from our website:

1.     we have the right to sell the goods to you;
2.     the goods will correspond with the description on the website and the order form; and
3.     the goods will be of satisfactory quality.
We exclude all other express or implied terms, conditions, warranties, representations or endorsements with regards to any goods.
We accept no liability for any indirect or consequential loss or damage, or for any loss of profit, revenue or business (whether direct or indirect) however caused or whether foreseeable or not, arising from your purchase of goods on our website. Our total liability to you under any contract for the purchase of goods or otherwise under this Agreement will be limited to the amount paid by you for any goods purchased. We will not be responsible for any loss or damages incurred by unauthorized use of your payment card on the website. Nor are we responsible for notifying your card issuer or any law enforcement authority in these instances. The limitations and exclusions in this clause do not affect your statutory rights and only apply to the extent permitted by applicable law. Nothing in this Agreement shall serve to limit our liability for personal injury or death caused by negligence. All images on the website are protected by Barrington Ayre Shirtmaker & Tailor Ltd and are a representation of the items available and Barrington Ayre Shirtmaker & Tailor Ltd cannot be held responsible for how fabrics and clothing appear on other computers / screens. Items available as bespoke or made to order are representations of the item being made.

These and other notices elsewhere on our website represent the entire terms and conditions relating to your use of our website to order goods and the supply of goods to you. No additional terms or conditions requested by and communicated in any way by you will form part of the contract whether accepted or not by an employee of ours.
No employee of Barrington Ayre Shirtmaker & Tailor Ltd can alter the terms and conditions of this contract whether or not they confirm this to you in any way unless this has been confirmed with the Managing Director.

Terms and Conditions may be changed at anytime without prior notice.

Governing Law
This Agreement and any contract for the purchase of goods shall be construed in accordance with and governed by the laws of England and Wales.

We give no warranties and makes no representations, express or implied, as to the accuracy, quality, validity or completeness of any information contained in our website and accepts no liability for any loss resulting directly or indirectly from the use of or reliance on any such information. We shall be under no obligation to notify any person of any error on our website. We shall not be liable to any person for any direct or indirect loss or damage which may arise from the use of any of the information contained in any of the materials on this website. These terms and conditions do not affect your legal rights.

Security and Privacy Policy
Barrington Ayre Shirtmaker & Tailor Ltd. is committed to protecting the privacy of its users. This statement outlines our privacy and data protection policy.

Collection and Use of User Details
Personal details of users of Barrington Ayre, such as name and address and email address, will be collected and processed upon registration to our website or order of goods via fax or email. The personal information collected on our site is collected and stored in the United Kingdom.

This information is collected for the following purposes:

§  to enable us to handle/fulfil your orders
§  to notify customers of relevant new products or services
§  to notify users of other promotional activities within Barrington Ayre
User information is retained for in-house research to improve our understanding of our customers needs in relation to product development, ensure effective communication and aid strategic development. All results of such research and analysis will be collated as aggregated information and will not reveal any personal facts about individual customers.

For certain services, such as purchases, we may request credit card or other payment information which we process in encrypted form on secure servers. Barrington Ayre Shirtmaker & Tailor Ltd. will maintain appropriate measures to ensure that users' personal details are not misused, accidentally destroyed, lost or altered within the Barrington Ayre server environment.

Information Sharing
We do not rent or sell your personal information to any other companies or individuals. We only provide such information if it is needed to process an order. We take appropriate security measures to protect against unauthorised access to or unauthorised alteration, disclosure or destruction of data. We restrict access to your personal information to employees who need to know that information in order to operate, develop or improve our services. We provide mechanisms for updating and correcting your personal information.

Offensive Communications

If we receive any abusive messages via any form of communication we reserve the right to cancel your order and return any monies owed minus any costs incurred immediately. We will not tolerate any form of abusive behaviour to any of our staff or people who work with us.

Wardrobe Audit

If you purchase clothing using our Wardrobe Audit facility and for any reason decide to cancel your monthly payments or cancel your order, you will be invoiced for any outstanding clothing that has already been made or is in production.

You can at anytime simply pay the balance of your account using the Wardrobe Audit at anytime during your payment period.

Changes to this Policy
Please note this Security and Privacy Policy may change from time to time. We expect most such changes to be minor, but there may be changes that are more significant. Regardless, we will post those changes on this page and, if the changes are significant, we will also provide a more prominent notice.

For further information regarding privacy issues please write to:
Privacy Department
Barrington Ayre Shirtmaker & Tailor
11-17 Market Place
United Kingdon