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If you are having something made for you, & have invested in something that is going to make you look and feel incredible, then it is extremely important to make sure that you look after it. 

When you pick up your clothing from us, we will give you a thorough run down of exactly how to look after each item and what to do if you do spill something on it, or get it dirty.

One of the most important thing we outline is the fact that it is always good to give your clothes a good brush!

Firstly, if you spill something on your suit, no matter what it is, make sure you simply dab it dry. Don't whatever you do soak it with water. This will simply cause the stain to permeate the fabric and you will get a lasting stain.

Your clothing is made from natural fibres so are naturally protective.

Once you have simply dabbed the spillage dry, let it dry out completely and then simply, using a suitable clothes brush, brush the stain away!

You will be amazed, but the stain will simply brush away.

Secondly, giving your clothing a good brush every month or so, is a little bit like brushing your dog! It will keep the fibres fresh as well as removing any dust, lint or fluff that you have picked up.

Brushing really does extend the life of your clothing, and after telling people about his for a number of years and suggesting the best clothes brushes to buy, we have decided to offer our favourites right here online & in our Cirencester Showroom.

Our clothes brushes of choice are from Kent.

Kent have been making brushes since 1777 and they offer a full range of stunning clothes brushes for every type of fabric.

We can now provide specialist brushes to use on cashmere, worsted wool, silk, denims, corduroys & merino wool.

Please have a look at our online shop by clicking here or feel free to pop in and see us in our Cirencester Showroom.

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