Submariner Jumpers

Submariner Jumper

A long tome ago, I had the most wonderful high roll neck fisherman jumper that I basically lived in. It was warm, comfortable, battle proof and looked great.

Unfortunately, said jumper seemed to go walkabouts whilst at University and as much as I mourned the loss I couldn't find a replica anywhere that I looked.

For many years I continued my search to no avail. However, after one of my suppliers introduced me to a knitwear manufacturer I thought that I would ask him if he was able to reproduce my beloved jumper.

To my astonishment he was more than happy to and even offered to make me a sample to make sure he had understood my drawing correctly. 

The jumper was amazing and exactly what I had been after.

My old jumper was made of quite a rough wool mix, and after spending time looking at the different yarns in the knitwear factory, I came across a chunky merino wool.

I have worked with merino wool for suits and with John Smedley, but I never knew that you could also have a chunky merino. It still keeps the incredible properties of merino wool, namely thermoregulating with your body, keeping you warm in the winter but also cool if the temperature suddenly rises. Being naturally anti bacterial it is also odour resistant and holds it shape beautifully.

All of this and now in a chunky weave?! yes please!

So, I am delighted to announce that we are now making our own Submariner jumpers. 

made from a chunky merino wool and made right here in England, these are my favourite jumper, remade in a far better, finer wool.

Buy your submariner jumper today!

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