Spring / Summer jacketing ideas

spring summer bespoke jackets


With the wintery days starting to behind us and the days getting lighter, it is time to start thinking about your Spring / summer wardrobe.

With this in mind, we have put together a few choices below that will hopefully provide you with some ideas and thoughts for your new bespoke summer jacket.

If you scroll down and simply click on each fabric you will see the composition of each fabric.

The fabrics below from which to have your bespoke jackets made are all from Marling and Evans.

Marling & Evans is one of Huddersfield’s oldest active weaving mills. Born in 1782 as an artisan laboratory, today it produces fabrics using only naturally dyed and finished English wool, without chemical additives. 

The fabrics that we have selected are a mixture of linen and wool mixes and wool, linen and silk mixes.

The wool and linen mixes have been some of our most popular fabrics for our summer bespoke jackets over the years, producing a lovely soft feel, that is breathable, keeping you cool whilst being far more crease resistant than linen on its own.

The silk, wool and linen mix adds an extra bit of luxury and softness and the silk helps with the crease resilience too.

There is a great selection and variety of patterns and we believe that you won't go wrong by having your bespoke summer jacket made from one of these Marling and Evans fabrics.

Jackets start at £725.00 for these fabrics, and each one could be made unlined and / or unstructured too if you wish.

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