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Save £125 on the Tropicalair Range from Dugdale Bros.

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With the warmer weather on the horizon, it seemed only right to offer, at a very special discounted price, a cloth that was originally developed back in the 1960s for the more humid Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysian markets – Tropicalair from Dugdale Bros.

Characteristics of Tropicalair

Originally a heritage range, Dugdale Bros relaunched the collection in its two original variations – High Twist and Mockleno.

Superior spinning techniques mean this cloth is well revered for its versatility and unique composition. In addition, it’s a lightweight and high-performance fabric which lends itself well to summer blazers, suiting and jacketing options, especially for temperatures of the more tropical variety.

The uniqueness of this particular range, however, is undoubtedly rooted in the spinning. The Mockleno variation is woven on traditional looms using extra-fine, 2-ply Merino wool, and it’s this which creates the cloth’s characteristic open mesh finish. As a result, the intertwining warp and weft yarns work harmoniously to create a natural, elegant drape for the wearer, as well as superior breathability and comfort.


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Meanwhile, as well as affording the same elegance and high-performance as its Mockleno counterpart, the new generation High Twist offers practical crease resistance and a cool open weave. Moreover, it’s a sartorial favourite among tailors looking for cloth which is both workable in the cutting room yet robust and reliable to wear.

Available in a range of colourways and patterns – such as houndstooth, glen check and stripes – Tropicalair can be used to craft a vibrant statement piece or a more muted and contemporary garment. Consequently, this enables the wearer to channel their personality and stay cool at all times and temperatures.


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The crease resistant properties of this fabric also means that this is the perfect fabric for those who travel, as you can literally scrunch your jacket up in your bag and it will pop out when needed all ready to go.

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