Tweed Sale Fabrics

For any bespoke two piece, two piece with extra trousers, three piece suit, or jacket ordered from these special tweed fabrics during January and February 2020, we are giving a £200 discount. (apart from Jackets which have a £150 discount)

Therefore prices are as follows:

Bespoke two piece - £725.00

Bespoke two piece with extra trousers - £1020.00

Bespoke three piece - £975.00

Jacket - £525.00

Plus 4's / breeks - £325.00

Overcoat - £725.00

Fieldcoat - £795.00

GIlet - £425.00

Prices include VAT and a plain lining. Patterned linings will incur a £35 surcharge and printed patterns will incur a £95 surcharge. Some extras will also incur a surcharge. Chest size 48" and upwards will also incur a surcharge