Bespoke Shirt Development

Over the 12 years that we have been making bespoke shirts and from the thousands that we have made, we have always been looking to develop our offerings to provide a wider range of fabrics & designs.

After 2 years of development we are delighted to announce that we are now able to offer even more fabrics, in a range of designs, including some new technical fabrics, & from a number of new mills, including Soktas and Loro Piana.

We have a new range of natural stretch fabrics, allowing the shirt to move with the wearer.

There is a new range of Poplins, designed for high performance wear, perfect for the commuter.

Our organic cotton range has also grown, and we can also now provide sportswear fabrics.

We have also developed a selection of more casual shirting, as we have seen a huge increase in demand for bespoke casual shirts.

The full range is now available in the Showroom in Cirencester and from our visiting tailor. We can also send photos if you wish to order online.

Not only have we developed our fabrics, we also now offer a new design of shirt. This is our 'Saharian' Shirt, which is a take on a safari shirt. Designed to be made from heavier fabric as an outer shirt and has four pockets and can come with epaulettes if desired.

However, should you be on the lookout for a more durable and practical shirt which can offer you some increased protection, then we also produce a range of sweat & stain resistant shirts which can be ideal when it comes to ensuring you always feel dry.

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