The rise of the separates!

I am a great fan of the separate! The non matching trouser and jacket look that is!

Being based in The Cotswolds' I don't wear a suit very often whilst in the showroom. I am much more of an exponent of the jacket and trouser look. Don't get me wrong, I love a suit and wear them whilst visiting in London but there seems to be much more a call for separates in everyday life, especially out here.

This look is being picked up in many different areas of Life and even Sky Sports has decided to go down this route for it's one day coverage.

As many of you may know I make clothing for David 'Bumble' Lloyd on the Sky Team and after he was told that they would be moving to separates for the ODI's and the foreign tours he gave me a call and asked me to come up with some ideas!

I was lucky enough to do our fitting at the Ageas Bowl during the recent Test Match! and some of you may have seen his new cream jacket at tea on the final day.

Sky Sports Box

We have seen a huge rise in people having jackets and trousers made over the last year.

People are especially looking for a smart jacket that they can wear with jeans or smart trousers whilst out or whilst in the work place.

The most important thing to remember when doing separates for work is contrast! If you are going with light trousers, go dark jacket and vice versa. If you are going with jeans, then this isn't as important but you must remember to make sure that you are wearing contrasting fabrics. Don't double denim! go with a wool or something that is quite different even if the colours are much closer.

The most popular colour is navy blue for a jacket. All men love blue and it looks great. It works really well with most trousers and will never go out of fashion.

The fabric we are concentrating on in this article for the perfect separates jacket is a Mockleno!

Mockleno is 100% wool, woven on a standard loom but with the characteristics of a traditional Leno open weave. Warp threads cross one another resulting in a fabric with an open gauze appearance. 

It's breathable, easy to wear in every climate and is very crease resistant.

To have a look at the full selection of colours that are available have a look at these links - Tropicalair from Dugdales Bros - click here  

Or from Harrisons (from SW2741 onwards) - click here

To celebrate this fantastic all year fabric, we are going to do a Bespoke Jacket Lottery! Your chance to win one of our Mockleno bespoke jackets for just £10! 


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