Knitted Merino Wool Blazer Instagram Competition

Every so often we like to do a little Instagram competition!    
Barrington Ayre knitted merino wool blazer competition
They are always a lovely way of saying thank you to everyone who supports us and with this in mind, we have decided to do another one, offering one of our most popular items of clothing.  
Knitted merino wool blazer 
For the remainder of February 2022, you will be able to enter our special Instagram competition to win one of our Luxury Merino Wool Knitted Blazers.
Perfect for both men and women, available in 4 sizes and made from the most luxurious chunky merino wool.    
merino wool knitted blazer
All you need to do is visit our Instagram page by clicking here  and follow the instructions on the competition post.    
Barrrington Ayre merino wool blazer  
The Winner will be announced at the beginning of March and will be able to choose which size they want.        
Good luck, and you can always purchase your own knitted blazer by clicking on the link here

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