New, 100% Natural Product

With the plight of our Planet & our battle against plastics being at the forefront of environmental campaigning, we at Barrington Ayre have been working hard to provide our customers with as much plastic free, natural products as possible.

Therefore, we are absolutely delighted to announce our new 100% Natural bespoke product.

Over the last 18 months our producers have been working incredibly hard to go back to Nature & make sure that all of our bespoke suits, jackets & trousers use nothing but 100% natural, bio degradable fibres.

After lots of research & development, down to changing our machinery to accommodate pure cotton and silk thread, we are now able to provide a 100% Natural product.

Not only is this product natural, we also use a full floating canvas to provide an even better, natural fit.


Our new full floating canvas provides the finest fit and feel to all of our jackets in this range. The canvas is made up of 3 layers of natural fabric.

There is a stunning Irish linen, covering a layer of horse hair and then a layer of pure cotton to finish.

Over time the whole canvas moulds to your chest creating the most perfect and comfortable fit possible. There is absolutely no fusing and even the tacking together is done using silk thread.


The collar is also one of the most important parts of the jacket and getting the best materials possible here allows us to produce the best fitting collar, void of stiffness and fittings snugly to the neck.

The collar melton that sits under the collar is produced in Yorkshire from one of the finest produces of wool in the World. The amount of work that goes into producing such a relatively small area of wool is staggering and provides the best possible fit. Encased with the most beautifully produced natural linen, our collars mould to your body producing the finest look & feel.


Most thread used for clothing making is made using some percentage of plastic, however, we now use 100% natural cotton and silk. We had to re configure all of our machines, changing the speed and the way they work to allow us to do this, but it really does make a difference.


All our buttons are natural horn and are available in a selection of finishes.


The use of the full floating canvas and the natural products, provides the wearer with a completely new wearing experience. The suits are incredibly soft and malleable. They move in every direction and feel softer and lighter than our other suits. The canvas is free to move in any way in wishes and will mould to each person individually.

We have a sample of each range that we offer in the Showroom so you can have a play and feel and find out which one will suit you best.

One thing is for sure, that when you choose our new product, you will be wearing a purely natural product with no man made products in it at all. 

We would love to show you the new product so please come in to the Showroom and the Luxury Lifestyle Hub and have a look for yourself.

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