New Design Submariner For 2021

Our ridiculously popular Submariner jumper, that sold out in record time last year, has had a little face lift this year!


Merino wool Submariner jumper


Don't panic, we are still making our iconic Submariner from last year, available in our rich blue, but this year we have also introduced a charcoal and ecru with a slight tweak in their design.

The only real difference with the charcoal and ecru, is that we have shortened the ribbing at the bottom of the jumper from a 6" ribbing to 3".

We still use the finest chunky merino wool and all of our jumpers are still made right here in England so if you loved our classic navy from last year, you'll love these jumpers too!

Perfect for either men or women and are so toasty warm, that you won't wear another jumper this winter!

Submariner jumper


So why merino wool? Have a look below at these fantastic qualities and you will see why you need a chunky merino Submariner jumper or Fishermans Jumper in your life!


Merino is an active fibre that reacts to your body temperature. In cooler weather, the ultra fine fingers trap the air keeping you warm and insulated, and in warmer weather it wicks away moisture from the body keeping you cool and dry.


The core structure of merino is incredible, it actually is naturally resistant to odour producing bacteria and you won't smell whilst wearing it!


Unlike synthetic fibres that retain moisture and leads to sweating and being clammy, merino wool will move and breath with your body. Air travels freely throughout the garment wicking away any moisture, keeping you both cool and warm!


Merino is 1/5 of a diameter of human hair which makes the surface texture super soft and perfect for wearing straight against the skin or layering with other clothing. Unlike coarser yarns, merino won't irritate or scratch the skin.


Like all of our clothing, merino is a natural sustainable fibre that will biodegrade over time.

Merino is the most wonderful fabric to have your knitwear made from, and we are sure that our luxury knitwear, which is all made from merino will keep you warm, cosy and comfortable on all occasions.

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