The Importance of Tailoring a Suit

Clothes that fit well are one of life’s great joys, but unfortunately not something that most people get to experience. The rise of fast fashion and ‘one size fits all’ clothing has been a blessing to some people, making clothes cheaper and easier to buy than ever before, but good tailoring that was once common is now something of a rarity. So if you can just buy your clothes off the peg, and they’ll basically fit, what is the point of getting bespoke clothes made to measure by a professional tailor? Let’s take a look at some of the reasons that mean bespoke is best.

Tailored Mens Suits


At Barrington Ayre, we think one of the biggest reasons to choose bespoke tailored clothes is that they’re just more comfortable. They’re designed and created with your specific shape in mind, so every element of the suit or other garment fits you perfectly. Think of all the clothes you own that have one element or another that you don’t like, from collars that dig into your neck and rub against your skin, to trousers that pinch at your calves or buttons that stretch open across your chest. We usually put up with these for convenience sake, but that doesn’t have to be the case! If this is your first custom made garment, the biggest joy will be clothes that don’t mean compromise for the first time in your life!


Usually when people talk about performance they mean exercise gear or running shoes, but don’t forget that your clothes go through their own little marathon several times a day! Even the most basic movement, and even resting, means your clothes have to move and flex with your body in ways that can be damaging to them over time and can be painful or uncomfortable for you if they do it wrong. One of the other benefits of buying tailored clothes is that, because they’re made to your exact measurements, they can be made to take into account they way you move and the way your body bends and flexes as you walk or sit. This means no more of those awkwardly restrictive suits or shirts that pinch and dig into your skin – you can wear clothes that genuinely feel like a second skin. Our bespoke suits will be made to fit you perfectly.

Bespoke Mens Suit


One of the biggest arguments against tailored clothing we often hear is the cost, and while it’s true that custom made clothes do tend to cost more than off the peg alternatives (though not always!), we firmly believe that value for money is far more important than the number on the tag. And that’s something that made to measure clothes have in great quantity. A really well made garment is something that won’t just last a season, or a year, or even a decade – it’s something that can last a lifetime, and can even be something future generations can wear, such is the difference in quality between custom and factory made. The benefits in terms of comfort and performance speak for themselves: No more wearing uncomfortable clothes just because they’re cheap, no more compromise. But it also means you’re replacing your clothes less too, so over the life of your suit or your shirt you end up saving money from not buying expensive replacements. The bespoke men's shirts you will find here are of the highest quality and will stand the test of time.

They’re Exactly What You Need

One of the most annoying feelings when shopping for clothes is that, as shops renew their collections season by season and year by year, it can be difficult to find exactly what you’re looking for. Beloved garments that need replacing may not be the latest fashion any more, and may have disappeared from the shelves, and whole types of garment may simply not be available because it’s the wrong time of year to buy them. The result of this is endless and fruitless marching around shops to find clothes that ultimately aren’t there, and a huge amount of wasted time and frustration. You can eliminate all of this by choosing a bespoke garment. At Barrington Ayre, our expert tailoring team can make anything you need in any measurements and using any of our huge collection of colours, patterns and designs. If there’s something specific you really need but just can’t find, creating it from scratch just for you is something that we do every day. That means no more hunting, no more frustration, and a high quality result that you can love for years.

Those Important Details

One of the things that has been lost with the advent of fast fashion and mass produced clothing is that individual style that many people had in days gone by, enabled by a greater reliance on bespoke clothing. Everything from your favourite colours to cuts that show off other garments you own to greater advantage, or even little details such as the pattern on the lining of your bespoke hat or a set of custom buttons. By choosing a bespoke option, you can turn back the clock and really create something that shows off your unique and individual style, while saying something about you in the process. It can mean the difference between a good outfit and a truly great one, and with tailored clothing it’s all in the palm of your hand.

That Confidence Boost

So what is the end result of all those benefits coming together? At Barrington Ayre, we believe it’s simply the way it makes you feel. That confidence you get from knowing you look your absolute best in clothes you’ve chosen, that fit you like a glove and flatter your body in every way. The possibilities are endless, from more confidence and stature in social settings, all the way to greater respect and gravitas at work that could lead to career advancement. How you use your new clothes is up to you, but the important thing is that tailored outfits give you the freedom to feel great and dress how you want to dress without compromise, which we feel is an important sensation that not many people get to enjoy. So if you want to know what it’s like, book your consultation with Barrington Ayre today.

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