The World's rarest & most distinctive natural fibre

Not only do we take huge pride in the quality of our bespoke tailoring, we also take great pride in providing some of the finest and most exclusive fabrics available.

After all, your clothing is made from the fabric so we are constantly on the hunt for new, exclusive and interesting fabrics. Your bespoke clothing should be like a second skin so it is also good to explore new fabrics.

Recently we have been introduced to one of the World's rarest and most exclusive fabrics, Escorial Wool.

Escorial is a rare & luxurious wool from a small sheep originating from the Spanish Royal flocks of El Escorial, today only found in small numbers in Australia & New Zealand.

The Escorial difference is in the heart of the fibre, performing as a naturally coiled spring.

The flexible characteristic creates a fabric that is incomparable in drape & resilience with a distinctive soft handle.

The suppleness & fluidity  of the Escorial fabric delivers a garment of comfort & performance.

Timeless luxury that lasts.

The fibre was so coveted that King Ferdinand & Queen Isabella raised the income from their flocks to finance Christopher Columbus' discover of the Americas.


The frequency of the crimp creates an extraordinary natural bounce & the higher number of scales on each fibre provides an ambient temperature & natural breathability in each garment made.


The Escorial fibre is like a curled spring, and when stretched throughout production processes its natural memory is to return to the original curled state. It is this voluminous characteristic that makes Escorial garments lightweight & resilient with an exquisite soft handle.



Escorial is often likened to curly hair. In comparison to straight hair, curly hair traps air between each strand, providing greater bounce & insulation. The special touch of Escorial comes from the airy nature of the fibre.

Even though this is such an exclusive fabric, there are a great number of patterns and designs available, and the fabric works brilliantly for classic suits & jackets especially.


Another terrific bunch of fabrics that we found in this range are the undyed range.

Using only the natural undyed fibre of the rare Escorial sheep, the mill has crafted and woven a select handful of luxury patterns in a limited and unrepeatable cloth. From start to finish using only the varying natural shades, creating the epitome in luxury and sustainability. 

These undyed fabrics are real stunners! and something incredibly unique and stylish. They hold all of the properties of the Escorial wool but are entirely natural.



Please do feel free to book in to see us in our Cirencester Showroom & Luxury Lifestyle Hub where you can see the fabrics in the flesh for yourself and feel the amazing consistency and quality for yourself.

This really is one of the most incredible fabrics we have ever come across, steeped in such History and with such an incredible make up, I cannot recommend this fabric enough and is definitely something you should have in your wardrobe.




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