This Seasons Must Wear Coats

As we begin to climatise towards the colder months of the year, warmth now becomes a priority when it comes to creating your outfits. One clothing piece that is ideal for this is a coat. With a host of different silhouettes, materials and design aspects, there is a lot to choose from when choosing one of these garments.

A General History of Coats

Throughout history, the need for warmth has been quintessential, with humans all over the globe needing to keep warm regardless of the era. However, what we know as a coat today actually has its origins deeply rooted in historical menswear. Originally, coats and more generalised jackets seemed to have originated in the middle ages and early renaissance periods, with a piece of clothing known as a jerkin. This garment was in the fashion of a shortened tunic which was typically worn by more middle-class men, but this variation was more fitted in its design in order to provide the wearer with some more warmth.

However, what we traditionally associate as a coat, saw its first variations spring up in the Dutch Navy around the early 1800s. Like so many other pieces of warm and knitted menswear, their origins stem from military backgrounds. These garments were created from the use of coarse wool fabrics in order to keep seamen warm when out at sea. Consequently, the British navy soon adopted these clothing choices and began to integrate them as standard pieces of uniform for all of their officers.

Double Breasted Navy Coat

Around this time, single and double-breasted coats began to originate from a number of Spanish provinces but were originally associated with being a peasant version of clothing. However, due to their design and combined functionality, many countries across Europe began to adopt them, and as a result, they became a garment associated with aristocracy.

However, this is just a very brief history, as each country across the world has its own coat-like garments which can be dated back hundreds of centuries, purely down to the fact warmth was a priority, with the fashion aspect of coats only being prioritised closer to the 1800s. 

The Various Types of Coat Materials

Should you be wishing to purchase a new coat of your own, it is important to note that the materials in use from garment to garment can be widely different from one another. Taking into consideration whether you want to prioritise style of practicality is an important aspect, as each individual material or fabric could result in a different fit or general feeling.

One of the most stylish and popular materials we like to use for our Garments at Barrington Ayre is Tweed. Created with a complex method of twill weaving, this material is both waterproof, strong and incredibly warm when worn due to its offset diagonal patterns in the fabric. Historically, Tweed has been primarily favoured by workers who operate outdoors because of the ability to protect the wearer from harsh elements as well as being able to withstand the colder temperatures in the winter months.

Mens Winter Coat | Barrington Ayre

Coarse Wool Fabrics are still a popular option when it comes to creating a coat, especially should you be aiming to maximise the insulation it will offer its wearers. Still offering a heavyweight feel to the coat, this material ensures you are still protected from the elements, offering a more casual aesthetic due to its more simplistic design and general composition. However, this does not subtract one bit from its stylishness, as this material is ideal for a more casual-looking garment.

The Different Styles of Coats

However, when taking a look at coats, it is not just the materials that are distinctive from piece to piece; it is also the overall design of these garments. No two coats are the same when it comes to their composition, with each one offering the wearer an individual design and overall unique silhouette which they can add to their general outfit. Below, we will be breaking down some of the most popular styles of coats you could choose to adapt this season!

The Field Coat

Perfect in both the functionally and fashion departments, the Field Coat is a piece of clothing that is designed ideally for the wearer at hand to be protected from the elements, all whilst looking good doing so. Heavyweight in their design and often being constructed with a variation of high-quality tweed, this coat also comes with quilted linings, helping to keep any heat trapped in as well as only aiding to its comfortable design. In addition to this, this bespoke coat has the option to have a removable storm collar, making it even more customisable.

Mens Field Coat | Barrington Ayre

The Peacoat

A clothing piece that is most resemblant to the coats worn by the navy in the early 18th century, this durable outerwear piece is a more fashionable alternative that is extremely versatile in its design. With a distinctive collar and some large, sturdy buttons patterned across the coat's breast, the bespoke Peacoat is a statement piece of any outfit it is part of. Not only this, but the coarse wool material in use only adds to the benefits of this coat, providing an additional layer of insulation.

Mens Peacoat | Barrington Ayre

The Car Coat

Should you be wanting a coat that combines the stylishness of a peacoat and the practicality of the field coat, then the Car Coat is the garment for you. A hybrid of the two, this is an ideal option should you want a more casual everyday bespoke clothing piece. With numerous different large pockets and a versatile collar, this bespoke coat could be the perfect combination piece for any outfit.

Mens Car Coat | Barrington Ayre

Get Yourself Wrapped Up This Season

Throughout the years, multiple different coats and outerwear pieces have come in and out of both fashion, as well as popularity. However, the pieces themselves have asserted their way into everyone's wardrobe purely based on the functionality and practicality they offer their wearers during the harsher climatised months.

If you are in need of a warmer and more protective garment these winter months, we here at Barrington Ayre can help create a bespoke piece just for you to add to your wardrobe. With a host of various materials and designs to choose from, we can help make the perfect bespoke coat matching all your requirements and desires.

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