Top 5 Tailored Festive Clothing Items

As we move closer to the winter months, Christmas is slowly approaching, and people from all areas search for gifts for their partners, families and children. With the temperatures bound to start dropping and the potential for snow to fall, it is important to remember to keep yourself wrapped up warm during the cold months.

Whether buying some winter clothing for yourself or kitting your loved ones out with blizzard-block attire, look no further than Barrington Ayre’s collection of tailored winter pieces. This article will give you a list of five items available on our site for purchase, all of which could be perfect gifts or personal buys as we head towards the snow-filled edge of the year.

Bobble Hats & Children’s Bobble Hats

When we think of wrapping ourselves up before going outside in a snowstorm, a nice warm hat is one of the first items that pop to mind. We understand that a woolly bobble hat is a winter weather staple at Barrington Ayre. For that reason, we have created some bobble hats for adults and children, which come in different colour options. To keep the children happy with their creative and colourful minds, we’ve given them eight different colour options to decide between.

Everyone needs to keep their head warm, especially if snow falls, so what better way to do it than with a colourful and cosy bobble hat from the Barrington Ayre collection? Order yours online now, so it arrives before the temperature starts dropping!

Wolly Bobble Hat Barrington Ayre

You can buy the adult bobble hats for £15.95 or the children’s bobble hats for £10. Colour options can be selected from the drop-down menu to the left of the “Add to Cart” button. 

Bespoke Jeans

Everyone loves a smart-casual outfit, and the go-to pair of bottoms seem like jeans. Jeans are a very comfy medium between suit trousers and relaxed tracksuit bottoms, hitting the middle ground perfectly between comfortability and stylish prowess. Jeans are also very easy to incorporate with any outfit, whether it s a plain t-shirt or a smart button-up top and a blazer colour co-ordinated blazer jacket, you will be able to put an outfit together with our bespoke Jeans. 

We have Jeans for both men and women, which come in different sizes and colours. If you prefer a more muted style, you can opt for the grey shades or go opposite and choose the blue denim materials. The men’s and women's bespoke jeans can be ordered from the site, and you can choose your sizing and colours upon ordering the items. If you feel necessary, you can book an appointment to have your measurements done in our Showroom. We would be happy to help!

Bespoke Jeans from Barrington Ayre

You can buy men’s and women’s bespoke jeans for £275. 

Flat Caps, Sherlock Hats & More

If bobble hats aren’t your style, or you would rather give someone a gift that could potentially be worn year-round, then you can take a look at some of the other options we have in our Bespoke hats catalogue. Many people will be familiar with the Sherlock Holmes franchise, and in the original versions, he has an iconic cap with a peak on both sides. At Barrington Ayre, we appreciate good fashion, and this hat ticks the boxes to qualify. Along with this Sherlock staple piece, you can buy our Peaky Blinders cap and other flat caps.

These hats go with many different outfits, such as tweed hunting attire or a casual suit. Most of the hats on the Barrington Ayre site are made with Tweed as the base material, so if you can pair them with Tweed or Tweed-appearance clothing, you will have a field day. You can expect compliments if you wear one of these hats to a formal event such as horse racing.

Peaky Blinder Cap from Barrington Ayre

Options you can buy at Barrington Ayre include the Garforth Traditional Flat Cap for £135, the Sherlock Holmes cap for £175, County Curved Peak Hat for £135 and then the Peaky Blinders hat for £145. There are other options available too. 

Corduroy Bomber Jacket

Another item that is perfect for the cold winter months is a thick Bomber jacket that will trap your natural heat and keep you circulating nicely. The Corduroy Bomber Jacket from Barrington Ayre is a certified warmth provider and will keep the lucky recipient happy in the dim and dingy cold. Although the temperature plummets, your spirit doesn’t have to and opening this bomber jacket as a gift would make anyone feel happier!

Corduroy Bomber Jacket from Barrington Ayre

You can buy the Corduroy bomber jacket for £395 on the Barrington Ayre online shop. Before purchasing, you can select your size from the drop-down menu to the left of “Add to Cart” and add the item to your cart before confirming the purchase. 

Merino Wool Submariner Jumper

Another staple piece of cold-weather clothing is Jumpers. Woolly jumpers can keep you insulated and warm even on the coldest days of the year. One of our favourite materials here at Barrington Ayre is a thick wool variant known as Merino. We craft these Submariner jumpers with a high neck to provide you warmth in the winter and a cosy bit of style in the summer. The jumpers come in three colours; Navy Blue, Ecru White and Charcoal Grey. Similar in design to the already popular Mens Fisherman Jumper, we offer varying Merino Wool Submariner Jumpers sizes so you can buy them for yourself or others. 

Merino Wool Submariner Jumper from Barrington Ayre

You can buy the Merino Wool Submariner Jumper for £120 on the Barrington Ayre online shop. Simply choose your size and colour and add the item to your cart.



Now you know some of our products are targeted towards the winter months, and you have some ideas for gifts you could buy for the people you love. Barrington Ayre pride itself on creating quality, bespoke products and keeping our standards incredibly high in both the creation and distribution stages of the business. You can use the live chat feature in the bottom right of the page, or you can book a face-to-face consultation with one of our in-housers. 

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