Wrap Up Warm for Hunting Season


Hunting Season is soon encroaching, with the peak months brewing over the horizon, which so many waits for each year-round. However, accompanying these months is harsher conditions, with cool gusts and calm drizzles sure to send shivers down your spine should you not be appropriately dressed.

However, it's not just about staying warm and protected from the elements when it comes to wearing all your sporting attire. Due to the classy nature of the activity, fashion consequently comes hand in hand with traditional silhouettes filling the fields and forests throughout the season. 

Traditional Hunting Attire

British hunting is an English sporting activity heavily embedded in traditions, with its history dating back hundreds of years. Once a necessity of day-to-day life for many, hunting big game soon became an activity in which the upper classes would indulge to fill their pastimes. As a result, British hunting on its own has created several long-held traditions, combining grace and intrigue. The clothes we associate with hunting today will have been worn hundreds of years ago amongst the elite classes on their hunting escapades and endeavours, only reaffirming the traditions asserted in this activity.

Initially, hunting clothes were designed taking 2 key aspects into mind; horse riding and shooting. The outfits centuries ago specialised for these two activities in particular, with vents added to the design, allowing wearers unrivalled freedom of movement. This is still a popular design element with more modern shooting attire. Moreover, as horse riding was another of the main aspects of traditional hunting, breeches were another focal piece of the overall hunting outfit. As a result, these mainly took the place of trousers. This tradition can still be seen today in many classical hunting outfits.

Traditional Hunting Clothes | Barrington Ayre

Tweed Hunt Clothing

One material which has consistently proven itself when it comes to reliable hunt clothing is Tweed. Created via the utilisation of an intricate twill weaving method, this material boasts waterproof capabilities due to its offset diagonal composition. Consequently, this technique also results in Tweed's distinctive patterns. As a result of its unique aesthetic, Tweed has been the favourite choice of material when it comes to constructing hunt clothing. Its hard-wearing properties, alongside the warmth it provides its wearers, have been unique selling points for years, becoming the ideal option for anything related to outdoor wear.

However, Tweed is not a singular material but a label for a type of special fabric. A range of different patterns can be used to construct hunt clothing, with various checkered fabrics being utilised to create a classy and professional piece of clothing. Therefore, a number of products utilise this material's unique properties and overall look, some of which we stock under our brand!

The Type of Hunting Clothes at Barrington Ayre

At Barrington Ayre, we house an extensive collection of products that are especially ideal for outdoor activities and hunting. From classical tweed jackets to more sleek modernised gilets, there is plenty to choose from when constructing your hunting outfit. Three products, in particular, would be ideal additions to any wardrobe.

Tweed Shooting Attire | Barrington Ayre

Tweed Gilets

Beginning with the Tweed Gilet, this a unique layer that can be added to any outfit, with its unique tweed patterns and quilted linings creating a focal point for your aesthetic, all whilst providing the wearer with some additional warmth and elemental protection. When designed, the practicality of these garments is also prioritised, resulting in a gilet with 3 separate pockets to increase its overall utility. 

Furthermore, the Tweed Gilets on offer at Barrington Ayre also come with a uniquely designed collar, which softly curves downwards towards the front to keep the neck covered and the heat in. This aspect is also considered when it comes to the fastening of the gilet, presenting 4 individual buttons across the front, all of which fit well in line with the traditional silhouette of this gilet.

Tweed Gillet | Barrington Ayre

Tweed Shooting Suit

Another popular centrepiece that is both practical and fashionable regarding hunting is the traditional Tweed Shooting Suit. This 3 piece assortment of garments provides the ultimate look regarding hunting season, combining a classically standout jacket alongside a nicely paired vest and an elegant shirt underlayer. Not only this, but a durable pair of waterproof trousers help to complete this look, with over 3000 different tweeds to choose from to create that perfect bespoke look for you.

Tweed Shooting Suit | Barrington Ayre

Tweed Hats

Something that can complete the overall silhouette of a hunting outfit is the addition of a bespoke cap or hat. Not only will this help protect your head from less-than-desirable weather conditions, but it also allows your overall aesthetic to be accentuated to the next level. Whether it is in the form of the classical flat caps, which have seen a recent surge in popularity, or the even more traditional deerstalker hats, you could choose from a multitude of variations. 

Tweed Cap | Barrington Ayre

Get the Classical Hunting Season Look

Unlike many other styles of clothes, the association of hunting being a leisure activity for nobility has persisted, and so too have its traditional garments. The clothing pieces within this category provide wearers with unrivalled practicality and functionality when it comes to protection from the elements, with the commonly used tweed materials maintaining heat for the wearer. However, the benefits of traditional hunt clothing don't end there, as it is ensured that you will be one of the most stylish whilst adorning these pieces.

If you're looking for any of these garments to add to your wardrobe, we here at Barrington Ayre have all you should need when wrapping up for hunting season. With a wide variety of designs and materials to choose from, we can help create a bespoke piece of hunting or tweed clothing that matches every one of your requirements.

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