Our Process

The majority of our bespoke clothing is made right here in England. We do have an express service where we don't do fittings which is made overseas but for everything else we make our clothing in Yorkshire.

  • Book in to see us in our Cirencester Showroom or in the comfort of your home or office

Barrington Ayre Tailor Cirencester

  • At our first meeting we will discuss exactly what you are looking for in your clothing, have a look through the fabrics and linings and decide on your design. At this meeting we will also measure you up and get everything moving! At this point we will require a deposit to get everything into production


  • Your measurements and suit details will then be sent up to our cutters, Rodney, Aras and John in Yorkshire where your fabric will be sent and your pattern made

  • Around 4 weeks after our initial meeting we will get you back in for your fitting. This is where your clothing will be in baste stage; very loosely put together without your lining and your canvassing tacked in place. At this meeting we will make sure that the fit is exactly as you wish and we will look at sleeve length, fit at the chest and waist, shoulder width and all aspects of how your clothing will look

  • Your clothing will then go back to Yorkshire where it will be ripped apart and re cut from the amendments marked. The lining will be added and when your clothing is ready it will be sent back to us, usually around 5-6 weeks later
  • We will then get you back in again to make sure everything fits as you wish. If any tweaks are needed we will have these done by our local tailor who works for us here in Cirencester

  • You are then free to take your clothing as soon as your have paid your balance invoice! 
  • We then give you a 3 month period for you to wear your clothing, let the canvas mould into your body and to let the fabric relax, and then if any tweaks are needed in this time we will happily do those for you!