The Origin of the Peaky Blinder Hat

Read this introductory piece to the world of bespoke hats, and then browse our catalogue to see if anything catches your eye. That’s not a request; it’s by order of the Peaky Blinders! 


Of course, we are joking about that last part, but we would recommend you read this article before you start browsing the product list of bespoke hats and caps. As the Winter months approach, it is very important to remember to wrap up, and one part of your body that is often neglected is the head. Although these hats are not on the same level as the woolly hats which we also sell on our site, they are a fashionable way to keep that noggin warm as the temperatures plummet. 


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In this article, we will introduce you to some of the flat caps and Peak Blinders-inspired headwear we offer in our catalogue. As with the rest of our products at Barrington Ayre, everything is made to an impeccable standard and will last you a long time whilst matching with plenty of different outfits. If these hats are not your style, but you know someone in your family or friendship circle who would wear one, they would also work as the perfect Christmas gift as we close in on winter's festivities. 

Mens Peaky Blinder Cap

Who are the Peaky Blinders?

If you are not clued up on the history of gangs in England, then you may not be aware that the Peaky Blinders were a real gang from Birmingham in the late 1800s. They were a prolific group of gangsters who wore distinctive outfits, including waistcoats, trousers and the iconic baker boy Peaky Blinder hats. These hats are different from typical Baker Boy caps because the Peaky Blinders used to hide Razor Blades in their hats to use against their enemies.


Formed in the Small Heath area of Birmingham, the Peaky Blinders were always dressed in rich bespoke three-piece suits and spent all of their money on clothes. They made a lot of their money by placing rigged bets on Horse Races, which was an illegal practice, and they used children to run their errands so that they would not have to be caught outside without backup. It would seem apparent that the name Peaky Blinders was derived from the fact they kept blades in their hats, but it is a different reason. ‘Peaky’ comes from the peaked caps, and ‘Blind’ comes from Brummy Slang, meaning ‘well-dressed’. Fitting, right? Despite the brutal beginnings, Peaky Blinder fashion is still very sought after today, and you can find the pieces on our site for your wardrobe collection.

Peaky Blinders Caps

Flat Cap Hat Materials

Both old and new versions of these hats are made from the same materials. The main material is Tweed, which can come in many different colours. The hat's colour can be seen as more important than the material because certain colours will not match specific outfits. Typically, you would be looking for shades of grey, dark browns, beiges or blacks for these hats. Shades of Orange and Blue are also available but are a bit more outlandish. 

The History of Flat Caps

Flat hats embody the style and sensibility of the British people. The flat cap, created to endure British weather, has made a reappearance and established itself as a mainstay in the wardrobes of fashionable males. Flat caps are circular hats with a thin, rigid brim in the front and are regarded as historically important clothing items. The flat cap's history may be traced back to Britain in 1571, when Parliament mandated that all non-noblemen and boys older than six years old cover their heads on Sundays and public holidays with wool caps. Three farthings (almost a cent) in fines would be imposed on anyone who didn't comply.

As time went on, flat caps became a popular staple of fashion rather than a method of surviving harsh weather. Reaching into the present, flat caps are worn by people looking for a stylish addition to a smart outfit. One of the most common places that these hats are seen is at Horse Racing events, as many live viewers will pull out all the stops and rock up in a three-piece suit with either a tophat or a flat cap.

The Types of Peaky Blinders Hats at Barrington Ayre

There are three different types of bespoke Peaky Blinder-esque hats that we sell on the Barrington Ayre site:

Dalby Peaky Blinder Hat

With a price tag of £145 and the finest materials used to put it together, this Dalby Peaky Blinder cap is the closest you will get to the real thing. These hats are made to the side, and you can select the Tweed of which you wish for the hat to be made out of. Upon selecting this option, you will be asked to select a Size, and then we will get in touch to sort materials.

Dalby Peaky Blinder Cap

Garforth Traditional Flat Cap

Want a more traditional flat cap look? The Garforth Flat Cap version looks best in shades of Brown Tweed and will match many different outfits. This hat would pair nicely with things such as hunting clothes because of the material and colour scheme, but it could still be matched with an old tweed suit. 

Garthford Peaky Blinder Flat Cap

Baker Boy Bespoke Hat

Baker Boy hats are the most famous type of flat cap, worn by people through many generations and continuing to be a fan favourite among bespoke, traditional headwear buyers. The Baker Boy is the pinnacle of retro headwear, and you will surely find these hats incredibly comfortable and long-lasting. 

Baker Boy Flat Cap

The Attraction of Peaky Blinders Hats

Referring specifically to the Dalby Peaky Blinder hat, the popularity comes purely from the TV Show that caught everyone’s attention and hearts. Peaky Blinders, as explained earlier, is an Old Britain-inspired show that features incredible fashion choices that have seemed to return to modern wardrobes. As the show spread around the nation, so did the clothing, making a return as it “went out of fashion” over the past few decades.

Hats are some of the most recognisable and long-lasting articles of apparel in our collection and one of the things we love to customise the most, whether they're a trendy nod to a bygone era or a useful and practical component of a current ensemble. We strive to encapsulate the imagery that so many hat types evoke, from the elegant to the rustic, in each hat we produce. We produce several famous and well-loved styles to a high level to live up to the great British tradition of outstanding hat manufacture. These designs will fit you ideally for any occasion and last for many years.

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