Wedding Checklist: Men's clothing and accessories that are a must for the big day.

It might seem like the bride gets to have all the fun at a wedding with the sheer variety of options she has, while the men by comparison have to stick to a pretty traditional standard. That’s true to some extent, but if you look carefully and you have the right tailor, there are actually a lot of ways you can make your bespoke wedding suit your own with some flourishes and accessories. So what are some of the things you absolutely need, and how can you make them your own? Let’s take a look.

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The Suit

Let’s not beat about the bush, the star of the show when it comes to the groom is his wedding suit. Done well, your outfit can be a smart and classy accompaniment to the bride’s dress, or it can be a tasteful contrast. The main choice is the style of suit, from which there are four main options that are really up to the taste of the groom and the theme of the wedding.

Black or White Tie

More popular in the USA than in Britain, the Black Tie wedding suit or Tuxedo is your classic formal attire favoured by James Bond and those attending formal gatherings. The Tuxedo is relatively limiting in terms of style, but can be accentuated with a cummerbund and your choice of shoes. White tie is even more formal, and generally also includes a waistcoat and tailcoat unlike the black option.

Morning Suit

Once the standard for weddings and now tied for first place with the lounge suit, Morning Suits are known for their distinctive long tails. This is fairly restrictive in terms of the shape of the suit in general, but a bespoke Morning Suit makes up for it by being infinitely customisable with cravats, ties and linings.

Lounge Suit

A traditional business suit, the Lounge Suit is the least formal of the lot, but don’t let that fool you into thinking it’s not a potential winner. Its informality is made up for by its flexibility, allowing the wearer to add any number of touches, patterns and colours that can elevate it above its stuffier brethren.

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Your options

So those are the basic types of suit you can choose from, but at Barrington Ayre we believe everyone should be able to have clothes that fit them perfectly and suit their style choices down to a tee. If you agree and you’d like a suit that’s more than the ordinary, why not consider some of the accessories below?

The Lining

Men’s wedding suits are often dark or muted colours, but when it comes to the lining of the jacket the world is your oyster. Many men opt for bright colours such as pinks, electric blues or reds. It’s also possible to feature a patterned lining in your jacket, with floral, geometric and animal-themed patterns proving more and more popular in recent years. Your tailor will be able to create whatever you want, so let your imagination run wild!

The Details

So most wedding suits are quite similar in terms of their overall form, but did you know there are lots of ways you can make subtle changes to really make a suit your own? The lapels, the cuffs and the collar are all parts of the suit that can be customised to include options such as shawl lapels, three button cuffs or a collar with an eyelet. All subtle but significant ways to really create the suit you want.

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The Accessories

You may not get the same range of fascinators, veils, shawls, throws, shoes and other bits and bobs that brides can opt for, but that doesn’t mean men are out of the accessories game. Here are a few of your best options:

A Hat

The most traditional type of hat worn at a wedding is the top hat, which most often accompanies a morning suit. It’s a very classic look that is about the peak of formality for men at weddings, so if you’re more into your lounge suit or you’re at a dressed down affair, a bespoke flat cap can also help a stylish groom look the part.

A Kilt

If you’ve got any Scottish ancestry at all, or if you’re lucky enough to be getting married north of the Tweed, a traditional Scottish highland outfit is just the thing to show off your cultural pride. Whether you want to go the whole hog and wear a cummerbund and traditional jacket too, or you’d rather pair your bespoke Kilt with a made-to-fit Tweed jacket, there are plenty of options to express yourself.

A Waistcoat

While waistcoats used to be compulsory, their use has dropped off a little over the years, but they’re still a popular choice regardless. This is another chance to show off your style with a complimentary or clashing option that can blend or stand out, and also allows you to choose interesting patterns and textures to get the look you want.

Regardless of which options you’d like to choose, Barrington Ayre is here to help. Our expert tailoring team can provide friendly, non-judgmental advice in a warm and homely environment at our showroom in Cirencester. There you can pick your options, styles, colours and patterns with a tipple in hand, so you can be sure that whatever you wear on the big day, it’s been created especially for you.

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