What not to wear this summer

As a Father of Twins, my Wife and I try and have a number of Mummy / Daddy days a year where each Twin gets to spend some proper one on one time with each parent.

Yesterday was one of these days! and I took one of my girls to Legoland. It was hot, humid and sunny and it highlighted to me quite how badly the majority of people dress in this Country in hot weather!

Before you ask, I was in a bespoke light blue linen shirt with 3/4 placket and a pair of lightweight bespoke yellow cotton shorts! I was casual but well dressed and above all respectful of other people with my clothing choice.

However, the vast majority of people I saw on the day were not, so I thought that it would be a good time to discuss what NOT to wear in hot weather.

Firstly; never ever ever is it acceptable to not wear a shirt. I was shocked by the huge number of men who were wondering around with no shirt on at all. Not only is this pretty offensive to other park goers but looks awful and is just simply unacceptable. Even worse was that the majority of these men were either overweight, covered in really poor tattoos and all were sweating profusely. Imagine rubbing against one of these people in a queue or walking around the park. you have no barrier against their body sweat. Truly hideous.

Also, anyone over the age of 7 should never wear 3/4 length trousers! What an Earth is the point of these? Neither trousers or shorts. Usually in a horrific fabric and leaves the wearer looking stunted and out of proportion. Don't do it!

And vests! what ever possesses someone to think that wearing a vest as an over garment is an acceptable piece of clothing? Again, most vest wearer were overweight with large hair arm pits hanging out on display, wafting their body odour around with no protection for anyone else.

Sports wear! The clue is in the name. Sports wear, should only be worn for sport. not for casual wear. 

Slogan T-shirts. Again, anyone over the age of 10 should not wear slogan T-shirts. Why? its not clever or funny. Just wear, a simple plain, T shirt.

All in all, I was truly shocked at the majority of people I saw yesterday. Why do people think it is acceptable to dress like this? Just because the sun out, it doesn't mean that all semblence of respect to others should go out of the window. 

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