What to wear to Cheltenham!

It's only a month or so away, and our customers have been planning their Cheltenham wardrobe for a few months now. We have been busy on our workrooms making this clothing and so we therefore thought we would produce a little guide for 'What to wear to Cheltenham'!

Firstly, and most importantly, Cheltenham is not Ascot! It is in March and due to the location of the course, the cold winds rip over the hills and have nowhere to go but straight through the beautiful Cotswold course.

Due to this it is going to be chilly! so dress appropriately. 

Year after year we see people turning up in thin jackets, wearing only a shirt underneath and often sans sock! and each year, we see these very same people shivering, turning an interesting shade of blue and looker more miserable than one of the bookies when a rank outside comes in at huge odds!

Wear a coat. Wear a sensible coat, one that will actually keep you warm and comfortable, There is often rain. drizzle and sometimes even snow, so where something weather appropriate. You will spent much of your time in the elements so make sure you keep warm, you will enjoy the day for more. 

A coat is also an extremely useful way keeping your valuables safe. Unfortunately with our Society now a days, there are some unpleasant people operating at Cheltenham, so keeping your money, wallet, phone etc safe is a must. An overcoat with nice deep pockets will keep anything valuable away from naughty fingers and if you have a zip pocket built in, which is very popular with the coats we make, you will be doubly safe!

Cheltenham is traditionally a Country meet. Full of the Country set who live nearby. Therefore there will always be a lot of tweed on show, so if you are going in tweed, how bold should you go?

I would always suggest classic. Not too loud, but individual. We do make an awful lot of very bold tweed for Cheltenham goers, but there are usually for race horse owners or personalities that are renown for their bold dress sense.

Tweed is great to match to your personality, but that doesn't mean you have to look like a Rupert Bear Cousin or something that Jackson Pollock may have thrown together! Instead, stick with greys, browns and blues. Leave the usual greens to those who have simply popped into Cordings the day before as that is what they think tweed should be! 

Browns, greys and blue tweeds say that you have thought about your tweed in a bit more detail and that it is not 'off the peg'. You will be very unlikely to end up standing at the bar next to someone who is decked out in the exact same tweed as you if you go down this tweed palette. 


Have a look at the small selection of tweeds below to get an idea of the sort of thing we are talking about. 

A lovely navy herringbone - 14oz

A brown herringbone - 14oz


Old school Glen Urquhart Check - available in a range of weights 

A multi coloured houndstooth - 21oz 

Light brown with orange overcheck - 15oz


Houndstooth with overcheck - available in a range of colours and weights 

A plain brown tweed with fleck - available in a range of colours and weights

The above fabrics give you an idea of classic pain tweeds, plain tweeds with a nice herringbone or something with a check or houndstooth. All pretty classic but are individual and something you're not likely to see from an off the peg option.

It is also all about layering. With the cold likely to play a major part in proceedings, don't forget your layers!

Why not think about a gilet to go under your jacket? or a nice merino wool jumper. It is even worth considering long johns if you feel the cold!

With all under layers, I would suggest going with a merino wool option. I know you will shout, but wool is itchy! merino wool, if you get the proper stuff isn't. Merino wool is breathable whilst naturally wicking so will take any sweat away from your body whilst keeping you dry and warm. It in fact can absorb 35% of its own weight before it feels wet to the touch! Due to it being breathable and natural, you will keep far more comfortable than a synthetic under layer and the real bonus is, because merino is naturally anti bacterial so it won't smell. You can wear it for days at a time without it smelling! I know, I've tried it! 

Footwear - be sensible! you will be on your feet pretty much all day and most likely walking around a lot between bars, bookies and different vantage points.

If you have a favourite pair of brogues or shoes that work well with your suit wear those, don't whatever you do wear new shoes, or shoes especially bought for the day, you will be a hobbling mess at the end of the day!

Don't wear trainers or sports shoes, it may be racing but it is still a smart affair!

Also, don't try and match the person you are attending with!! don't match your Wife's outfits! you'll just look like a prize prune!

So in conclusion, go comfortable but smart. Dress for the weather and keep warm. If you can add a few zip pockets for added security do. Don't dress like a peacock, but don't forget your own style, and most of all enjoy yourself!

If we can be any help in making some clothing for you for Cheltenham or any other day, or even if you simply want to pop in to see us and discuss your options, we are always happy to help.

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  • “Don’t dress like a peacock”
    Great advice!! If only people at another annual meet would heed such advice


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