Spring / Summer Jackets - Silk, Linen and Wool mix jackets

Bespoke summer jacket using Marling and Evans fabric
Summer jackets are one of the best chances you have of showing off some true personality and individuality. With the sun out, the countryside bubbling with colour and endorphins from the sun making everyone smile, it is the perfect chance to show off your personality with a beautifully stylish summer jacket.
bespoke summer jacket using Marling & Evans fabric


Marling & Evans is one of Huddersfield’s oldest active weaving mills. Born in 1782. 

The spinning, weaving and finishing are all done in Huddersfield, all within a five-mile radius which keeps the carbon footprint for the manufacturing process to the absolute minimum.

The fabrics that we are focusing on are Marling & Evans' wool and linen mixes, and their wool, linen and silk mixes.

A bespoke summer jacket from one of these fabrics is £875

(there is a surcharge for chest sizes of 48" & over as well as an extra charge for some hand printed linings)

Both are fantastic fabrics, with the silk adding a little bit of a softer handle to the fabric and aids the crease resistance, although the wool / linen mixes wear incredibly well too.

Card numbers - 128 to 137 - are the wool, linen and silk mixes

Card numbers - 138 - 155 - are the wool / linen mix fabrics

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