Bespoke Tailors in Cirencester

Tailors in Cirencester

 At Barrington Ayre we believe that having well-fitted clothes should be the norm, not a luxury only a few people get to experience, which is why we’re passionate about making our bespoke clothing, made to measure garments as accessible as possible. One way we did that right from the start was to make our Cirencester home as welcoming and warm as possible, without all of the stiffness and formality that can sometimes make fitting rooms a bit intimidating. We did away with all the condescension and jargon, and we just chat with you to find out exactly what you want in a relaxed and informal environment. Later on we realised that we’d missed something – our physical accessibility was a pretty big blind spot. We wouldn’t swap our showroom in the gorgeous market town of Cirencester for the world, but not everybody can make it to come and see us, even if they live in the town itself. That’s why we came up with a service that will bring our expert British tailoring to you instead!

Home Tailoring in Cirencester

There are plenty of good reasons to have us come and measure you for a fitting in your own home. For one, not everybody is able to get around easily, and if you have a disability or you’re just less mobile, the ability to get tailoring in your living room can be a much more convenient experience. It can also be a great option if you’re trying to bring a large group of people together for a fitting but you’re having trouble managing schedules. If you’re trying to organise a clutch of groomsmen for a wedding fitting or a particularly discerning hunting party you probably have enough stress on your hands, you don’t need their outfits holding you back. In these situations it can be much easier to bring them all together in one place, your own home, and take all of their measurements at once in a place where you’re comfortable. 

High Quality British Tailoring Brought To You

You’ll have access to all of the same great advice and help from our tailoring team as you would in our showroom, as well as the full range of designs, patterns and styles – just under your own roof instead of ours. If you’re in Cirencester itself or the surrounding towns and villages such as Chedworth, Bibury, Swindon, Tetbury, Stroud or Gloucester, we can come to you. It’s perfect for pounding the picture perfect country lanes of the Cotswolds in a brand new made to measure bespoke outdoor outfit, or visiting a country pub in a new bespoke hat or coat.

So if you’d like to dip your toes in the world of bespoke fashion, but you’re not able to come visit us in Cirencester, let us comes to you. We’ll come to your house, measure you up, then send your measurements away to our tailoring experts in Yorkshire so that they can take your dreams from the drawing board to the real world. It’s easily the most convenient and fastest way to get the tailored garments you’ve always wanted.