Bespoke Tailors in Swindon

Tailors in Swindon

At Barrington Ayre we believe that everyone deserves to wear clothes that actually fit them and that complement their body shape, not poorly made off the peg garments designed for idealistic shapes or nobody in particular. We’d love it if everybody could feel and look great in their clothes, but traditional bespoke tailoring can often be too formal and stuffy, and it can assume that everyone has the time to travel and get measured wherever the tailor happens to be. At Barrington Ayre, we wanted to do things differently. We created our showroom in our Cirencester Tailors, the heart of the Cotswolds, to be as welcoming and relaxed as possible so that you can take your time and choose your outfit without pressure. However, we also understand that the pressures of work, childcare, social lives and a million other things can make it difficult to travel, so if you’re in Swindon and you can’t come and see us we created a system in which the tailor can come to you.

Home Tailoring in Swindon

Arranging a wedding, celebration or other special occasion can be a stressful and daunting task, especially if you also have to sort out the guests outfits yourself too. Whether you’re herding groomsmen coming from all corners of the map, or you’re just trying to get a hunting party to agree on their shooting attire, why not clear your mind and leave it to the experts instead? By having a tailor come to your house to take measurements and discuss designs, you save yourself the task of wrangling everyone to a third location, and create a happy and stress free environment in your own home, so you can focus on all the rest of the planning. For less mobile people or people unable to travel, it can also be a great way to fit dressing well into your everyday life, without having to sacrifice your free time.

High Quality British Tailoring Brought To You

The rest of the process is exactly the same as if you had come into our showroom yourself. You and your party can get access to all the same vibrant and diverse patterns and styles that they would in Cirencester, as well as all of the same designs, whether you’re after something modern, traditional or a blend of the two. Whether you’re in Swindon, Chippenham, Avebury, Marlborough, Wantage or any of the towns and villages in-between, we can pay you a visit. A new bespoke suit jacket or other outfit is perfect for pounding the streets of a picture perfect Cotswold town or striking a pose on a Wiltshire country jaunt, and one that fits like a glove is best of all.

So if you’d like to save yourself time, money and hassle and still find yourself with some expertly tailored British fashion at the end, give Barrington Ayre a call to ask about our mobile tailoring service. You still get everything you would in our showroom, from the selection to the skills of our amazing Yorkshire based tailoring team, but it’s all done at your pace and in the comfort of your own home. It’s easily the most convenient way to start dressing well.