Bespoke Tailors in Newbury

Tailors in Newbury


We’ve done our best to create a homely, friendly environment in our Cirencester showroom, free of the formality and condescension that you sometimes get in the tailoring business. However, we realise it’s not always possible to travel to our home in the heart of the Cotswolds, which is why we created our home visit service. Whether you’re no longer mobile, or you’re just too busy planning the wedding or party of your dreams to come out and see us, we can help you out by bringing our home tailoring service to you! If you’re in the Newbury area and would like access to high quality British tailoring without having to leave the comfort of your own home, you’re in the right place.

Home Tailors in Newbury

Whether you’re tramping about the lovely countryside, heading for a day at Ascot or taking tea at a stunning country house, there are any number of occasions to be getting dressed up for in Newbury. On days when you’re planning a wedding or other event, it can only add to the stress if you also have to focus on getting people from many different places together for a wedding fitting. That’s why it’s a much better idea to have our tailors come to you instead! Whether you’ve got a gaggle of groomsmen together or a shooting party, we can take everyone’s measurements at once in the comfort of your home for the minimum amount of stress. 

You get exactly the same level of service when you choose our made to measure home tailoring option, and access to all the same patterns, colours and styles, as well as our expert tailors. It’s all just done in the privacy and comfort of your house. We’re not just restricted to Newbury’s centre either, and we can carry out our bespoke home tailoring service in outlying villages and towns too. So if needing a tailor in Oxford, Basingstoke, Baghurst, Reading, Didcot, Andover or Whitchurch, we can still come to your home to help you out.

High Quality British Tailoring Brought To You

Once we have your measurements and your choices then the process is exactly the same: We’ll send your information to our amazing tailoring team up in Yorkshire who will take the ideas off the drawing board and make your bespoke men’s clothes into a reality. Using all their years of hard work and practice, they can create just about anything in any material and style you choose, specialising in those little details that make a garment truly your own. There truly is no easier way to get access to high quality British tailoring.

So if you’re looking for a tailoring service that combines the highest quality tailoring with that same friendly and approachable service, but in a location that suits you, then give Barrington Ayre a call. We can create that perfect tailored outfit for any occasion in the most convenient way possible, so all you have to worry about is getting ready for the event or occasion you’re dressing up for. Give Barrington Ayre a call today to book your home visit.